Maybe he just got caught up in the storm.

Sep 21 13:06 ( 1490 )




If Carlos doesn’t know how long he’s been gone since time is all screwed up in the desert other world? WHAT IF HE THINKS HES ONLY BEEN GONE A FEW DAYS AND DOESN’T REALIZE ITS BEEN FIVE MONTHS?!

Oh no no no, can you imagine what that means to Carlos?  He’s constantly calling and either he’s really scared and nervous, reaching for reassurance in that strange new place or he is utterly excited and wanting to tell Cecil about everything to share things, making sure he knows Cecil knows he’s okay.  D:

Sep 21 2:11 ( 577 )

No matter what anyone says, Carlos is a fabulous science bitch.

Sep 20 4:22 ( 43 )


Anonymous asked: Cecil Carlos and Steve, 18”

18. As a kid/adult

Ages 6, 10 and 14! I had so much fun drawing this

I recommend full view on this one!

Sep 20 2:11 ( 251 )


I sure hope these gifs work because damn are they cute. 

Sep 19 21:49 ( 368 )
   Can you draw Cecil with a cold?? (Maybe with some Carlos snuggles)
Sep 18 21:49 ( 369 )


She’s behhind you.

(So everyone’s drawing her faceless as without facial features and I thought that she very well may also be faceless this way)

Sep 18 19:38 ( 1357 )


adorable giant warriors and their adorable giant dog and adorable scientist.

Sep 18 17:27 ( 1591 )


— the angels revealed themselves to her; said they were ten feet tall, radiant, and one of them was black; said they helped her with various household chores. One of them changed a light bulb for her, the porch light.

After working on this piece on and off for almost a year, I think it’s finally more or less done. It’s so difficult to decide when something is “finished”.

I’m intrigued by the idea of Night Vale angels looking like something one wouldn’t traditionally call an angel. Heads like those of ancient Egyptian gods and bodies like distorted modern sculptures. Tall, ominous and creepy, but happy to help an old lady with simple household chores.

Sep 18 15:16 ( 4597 )


maureen and michelle hcs!! theyre totes sisters imo but ye i think in orange grove it was mentioned maureen had a puppy so ther u go B)

also all interns clothing automatically get an nvcr sign on them during work hours thats my excuse for this b ye

Sep 17 6:33 ( 148 )